Statement on Brand Impersonation Scam and Fraudulent Marketing Materials

Huobi Technology (1611.HK) recently discovered a brand impersonation scam by a company named “Haike HTK Co., Ltd.”, which claimed to be a subsidiary of Huobi Technology or an authorized agent of Huobi Asset Management. To the best of our knowledge. they distribute false fund product marketing materials and claim to be qualified in providing virtual asset management services or related fund products.

Huobi Technology hereby officially declares and clarifies that Huobi Technology and Huobi Asset Management have no connections, nor any authorized agreements or partnerships with Haike HTK Co., Ltd. We have reported the case to the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and the Hong Kong Police Force. We reserve the right to seek all remedies available at law for any losses or damages caused by Haike HTK Co., Ltd.

We would like to remind all customers and the members of the public to always stay vigilant and seek clarification to avoid any fraud and deception.

For further inquiries, please visit our website:;

In addition, Huobi Technology has recently been informed that someone claimed to be on behalf of Huobi Technology, called and informed our customers that they have been involved in money laundering and requested them to transfer their funds to another unknown account. We declare that all businesses of Huobi Technology and its subsidiaries strictly abide by laws and regulations, and asset management-related businesses strictly follow the procedures and standards as required by the Hong Kong SFC. The distributors we engaged are licensed with the Hong Kong SFC. If any member of the public receives such calls, please be alert and visit the official website of the Hong Kong SFC for verification or call +852 3616 0815 (Huobi Technology) / +852 3619 3393 (Huobi Asset Management) for inquiries to avoid any losses and damages.

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