Huobi Donates 10 Million RMB Medical Equipment to Wuhan

Huobi Group recently announced to set up a 10 Million RMB fund to purchase protective equipment and donate to the medical staff working at the frontline in Hubei province. Huobi has already delivered 20,000 N95 masks to hospitals in Huangguang, Hubei, China. In the next few days, another 200,000 sets of protective equipment will deliver to the severe-affected areas.

What’s more, Huobi has mobilized resources of local offices in Japan, South Korea, the US, Argentina, and other places around the world to purchase medical protective equipment for Wuhan, hoping to send materials to China in the shortest possible time.

Leon Li, founder of Huobi Group said, the company has called all the staff in more than a dozen countries to help with the medical supplies purchase, such as masks, disinfectants, goggles, and protective suits, to support patients, front-line medical staff and government departments.

In addition, Huobi will also maintain information sharing with multiple media participating in front-line reporting, and based on the information provided by these media, the next batch of materials will be sent to the front line of the combat and prevention work where support is most needed.

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